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    Slave c waits on the floor for Goddess Sonya to come and step all over him, particularly his aching cock. She happily obliges with some seated shoe trampling on his face, cock and chest, followed by barefoot full weight trampling while she makes him hump the floor. Soon she loses interest in him, though, when he cant cum for her amusement fast enough.

    Which shoes should Goddess Sonya trample r with? Undecided, she uses both pair on his face body and puny penis. First the pumps, then the open toes, then the pumps again as he lays under her feet like a rug. Eventually though, she gets bored and finds other things to do.

    This human spittoon gets his cock teased and his nipples bitten as he is helplessly bound by ropes on his knees. When he feebly tries to resist, Goddess Sonya reminds him that he exists solely for her amusement. Soon, he becomes so excited by her dominance and is about to cum, but she refuses him and walks away.

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